Presorting and Barcoding

Presorting and Barcoding

Barcoding mail is critical in moving today’s mail. It saves the USPS time, labor, and money. MailCo USA uses the most technologically advanced equipment available. Experience the added discounts, increased visibility, and enhanced tracking available with our barcoding service.

Postage Metering
Address Imprinting
Folding and Inserting
Mailing Lists
Daily Mailing Pick Up

Postage metering streamlines the process of applying postage to mail and packages by using specialized machines to calculate and print the exact postage amount. This method is favored by businesses and organizations because metered and barcoded mail qualifies for postage discounts. MailCo USA is able to efficiently post all categories of mail quickly and accurately. Never overpay for postage again.

  • Return Address
  • Indicia
  • Destination Address
  • Barcode
  • Teaser
  • Company Logo Address Imprinting
  • Up to 30,000 envelopes per hour
  • Optional integrated ink-dryer prevents smearing
  • Media versatility handles from 3″ to 14” width, 5” to 15.5” length, and up to ½” thick
  • The added impact of full color
  • Personalize and accurately address every mail piece with superior quality, direct-to-envelope imaging
  • Creates a sharp message line or graphic image directly on the mail piece even in full-color

Our two intelligent high volume folding and inserting stations are capable of handling any job from letters to flats. This equipment reads a variety of scan marks for multiple paging and offers selective inserting with outstanding material flexibility. Each and every mailpiece is accurately processed and tracked with our dependable high integrity operating systems. Three stand alone folders are available for simple processing. Hand assembly is also available for complicated or nontraditional projects.

Wafer seal tabs can be applied with our four production tabbers for mailpiece closure and postage savings.

  • Throughput speeds up to 40,000 single tabs per hour (or up to 15,000 double or triple tabs per hour.)
  • Simultaneously applies tabs to the side and leading edges of a mailpiece
  • Handles media from 3” x 5” to as large as 15” x 11”
  • Accepts media up to ¼” thick
Mailing lists for direct mail campaigns are meticulously curated collections of recipient addresses, tailored to the specific target audience of a marketing campaign. These lists are a cornerstone of successful direct mail efforts, ensuring that promotional materials and communications reach the right individuals or businesses. Properly segmented and updated mailing lists enable businesses to maximize the impact of their marketing efforts, enhance personalization, and achieve better response rates, ultimately leading to more effective customer engagement and increased ROI.

Save time and resources with our daily mail pick up and same day processing service. We’ll pick up your outgoing mail, bring it back to our processing plant, post it at discounted rates, barcode and sort, and deliver directly to the USPS processing facility. All while saving you money.

Presorting: Standard and First Class

What is Presorted Standard Mail?
Presorted standard mail, also known as bulk mail or marketing mail offers the deepest USPS discounts available. This option is best suited for items that do not require urgent delivery, such as magazines, catalogs, discount coupons, and newsletters. This service is generally slower than first class mail as there is no fixed time for delivery.

What is Presorted First Class Mail?
Presorted first class mail is designed for items that need timely and priority delivery, including invoices, bank statements, confidential documents, and checks. While presorted first class mail costs more than presorted standard mail, it offers the advantage of guaranteed tracking and on-time delivery. We combine mail from all our clients to achieve discounts for everyone. No minimums. No hassles.

We’ll Help You Make the Right Choice for Your Business
To determine the best option for your mailing needs, consider factors such as the urgency of delivery, the volume of mail you send, and your budget. If cost efficiency is a priority and delivery time is flexible, presorted standard mail may be the ideal choice for your catalogs, promotions, and non-urgent communications. On the other hand, if you need timely and trackable delivery for confidential documents or invoices, presorted first class mail is the more suitable option. Call us today and we’ll help you navigate the options.


We presented MailCo with a big challenge. We sent them a mail piece oversized and floppy with incorrect placement of the return address and indicia going to more than 5000 recipients. We needed it fixed and mailed as soon as possible as it was very time sensitive. Not only did they fix the problem and get it mailed expeditiously, but they also saved the University hundreds of dollars! Please congratulate the staff on a job well done and appreciated! Thank you and Long Live MailCo!

Doug Norwood, University of Arkansas Operations Manager

You’re wonderful! Thanks, Kathy. We sure appreciate you and your team at MailCo!

Ruthanne Hill, Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund Executive Director

The WCAS Volunteer Team sends out a big THANK YOU to MailCo USA for their help throughout the years. The quality of their work matches the professionalism and kindness of their employees. We’ve experienced constant satisfaction with MailCo USA being our go-to printers. They have gone over and above to help the WCAS Volunteer achieve their goals in helping the Washington County Animal Shelter. We wouldn’t go anywhere else for our printing needs.

Chris Allen, Washington County Animal Shelter Volunteer Coordinator

There are not enough adjectives to describe Kathy Ferguson and the team at MailCo! I’ve known Kathy since my days of working for the Arkansas Razorback Athletic Department. I’ve consistently used her services since 2017, when I moved back to my hometown of Fort Smith, to run the Good Samaritan Clinic. We send out 4 direct mail products each year; she and her team are top-notch from start to finish! Their pick-up, delivery and process is effortless, streamlined and 150% quality all the time. Non-profits often think direct mailing is too expensive, but Kathy and the MailCo team have taken the worry and stress out of direct mailing! You can’t afford NOT to use them! Thank you MailCo for all you do for Good Sam and so many other non-profits in our region! #youaregoodsam!

Patti Kimbrough, Good Samaritan Clinic Executive Director

I have had the pleasure of partnering with MailCo for 18 years with the University of Arkansas. MailCo is absolutely the best! They have assisted multiple departments with all our mailing needs. They go above and beyond to be helpful and responsive to all our requests. When we ask for something extra or out of the ordinary, they never hesitate! I can’t imagine the negative effect that would befall the University’s mail processing without MailCo!

Doug Norwood, University of Arkansas Operations Manager, Mail-Passports

MailCo is an incredible resource for our community. Their wide range of printing and mailing capabilities, decades of experience, and ability to scale are unmatched in our region-not to mention just being lovely human beings to work with. They’ve helped us build our audience and support since our earliest years. We couldn’t be more grateful and satisfied with our partnership.

Martin Miller, Theatre Squared Executive Director/Producer

The Northwest Arkansas Naturals have used MailCo for over a decade and can’t say enough positive things about their services. They are professional, prompt, and ensure our mail needs are fulfilled in the best way possible. We highly recommend!

Mark Zaiger, NWA Naturals Assistant General Manager